asimenia geometrika skoularikia me kiklous
Cycladic  Joined Big  Circles
Violeta Filippou

Cycladic Joined Big Circles

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Two circular forms of the same diameter are joined to create on of the most minimal pair of earrings. A medium-sized pair of earrings to match your special moments.

Cycladic collection is inspired by the Cycladic civilization (3200–c. 1050 B.C.) found throughout the islands of the Cyclades in the Aegean Sea.  The significant discoveries are the pure geometric shapes of sculpture of human forms.  The minimalism and the austerity of the art of this period was the reason to design a geometric ,simple but substantial jewelry.

- Material: All products are Sterling Silver 925

- Dimensions: 2.9 cm * 1.7 cm 

-100% Handcrafted in  Greece