About us


 The paths of life are not accidental. We work, we move, we want and they lead us where we belong. Violeta Filippou after studying Art Conservation and worked in the field of excavations realized that she desired to express her creativity through jewelry design and making. Jewelry that is all entirely handmade, inspired by the geometric lines of the city, that find their destination, value and final form when worn. The previous work in museums and excavation have deeply affected because after observing the collections it seems like they are jewelry being in a museum display case.

Every collection begins with a specific  idea and try to move towards it and make a series.Each collection consists of an abundance of jewelry, each of which is inextricably linked to the other. And that's kind of how one collection leads to the next collection.The sources of inspiration are nature, the city and its environmental elements, as well as its history. Many wearers in each collection there are also hidden contracts to serve a deeper conceptual framework for the collections.

The main goal is to create jewelry that  they have energy and in a later stage their energy is changed by the person who chooses to acquire it.