mataki vraxioli me xarakseis kai prasino axati
Violeta Filippou

Fylaxto Black Platinum Rozary withGreen Agate Evil Eye Bracelet

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Discreet and special bracelet with evil eye  design with black platinunm rosary agate chain. A perfect bracelet for every day with symbolism and perfect green color semi-precious stones.

''Fylaxto'' collection is inspired by the amulet or the good charm of the ancient Greeks, is one of the most important "magical" means by which sometimes the prevention and prevention of evil is sought and sometimes the attainment of good and bliss. Μore specifically it is the  evil eye concerning the mystical and occult traditions of the east, man is considered to be surrounded by an energy cocoon, the so-called "aura", which can literally be pierced by the energy of the eye.

 - Material: All products are Sterling Silver 925

- Dimensions: 1.5 cm * 0.9 cm /Length: 18. cm (plus 2.5cm chain)

- 100% Handcrafted in  Greece