asimenio braxioli xeiropeda me tetragona
Violeta Filippou

Simplicity The Ultimate Silver Bracelet with Discreet Square

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A middle plate  gold-plated bangle with small discreetly squares placed along the surface with a matte finish is a unique piece for your jewelry collection. A bracelet  that you will be a statement in your style.

Simplicity is the collection that was ιnspired by the woman who lives in the city and wants to wear jewelry every day simply but with a character that suits every style she chooses and any time of the day. In this collection you can select many pieces and make your own wonderful combinations and you will achieve the best result for your everyday jewelry.

 - Material: All products are Sterling Silver 925

- Dimensions: 0.4 cm * 6.0 cm (maximum oval distance-adjustable to any wrist)

- 100% Handcrafted in  Greece